About us

We at Shiv Seva Samiti helps to lead people a healthy life devoid of any disease condition Dr. Bhanu Prakash Mahawar has started this initiative having main aim in making people get treated of their disease condition. Dr. Bhanu Prakash Mahawar is a Naturopathy by profession and has certification training in Panchkarma, cupping, acupressure, acupuncture, hijama, massage cupping.

We treat people charitable and use various approaches of different available techniques to treat the patient the patient gets relieved of his various medical disease condition. Hence in total we take 3 months for the treatment. In which patient can visit us continuously or intermittently. In second and third month we see the patient condition and detoxify him again so that any bad effects which may have occurred due to various conditions gets eliminated from his body.

Anyone who is not able to pay the charitable rates at our facility has the option to put whatever they are willing in an envelope and give it to us as a token

Treatment Section Content details

Shiv Sewa Samiti Treatment offers - Elaboration of treatment procedure

Cupping Treatment

Also known as wet cupping hijama, raktamokshan. In this we clean the system of toxic materials which hampers the flow of blood and when it is clean through the cupping procedure the patient achieves good blood circulation in his or her organ or nerves hence removing the discomfort in that area in our Shiv Seva Samiti we provide two cupping procedures for one treatment

Medicine for One Month

One month long herbal medicines are provided to the patient so that the body achieves homeostasis that is the balance of vaata, Pitta and Kapha and the body gets relieved of any discomfort In our Shiv Seva Samiti we provide 1 month long medicine


Agnikarma is a wonderful treatment procedure which helps Tu flush toxin from the body it was initially explain by sushruta and is now being practiced as a major procedure for relieving pain and removing toxins from the body in our Shiv Seva Samiti we provide 5 agnikarma sessions in a month

Diet plan

A suited diet plan is given to the patient so that he maintains the diet plan health to revitalize the body and healps in the treatment procedure. The diet plan also makes the body in immune to several future diseases

Physiotherapy and oil treatment

At Shiv Seva Samiti in physiotherapy we provide nerve stimulation, chiropractic adjustment and oil treatment in form of Dhara and Kati Basti Janu vasti, uro vasti. The oil treatment differs from normal treatment as it penetrates the skin and help in rebuilding the damage tissue and help in regeneration. The Physiotherapy is also derived from Marma chikitsa which helps in healing the patient faster.

Advice to follow

Proper advise are given to the patient so that the disease does not occurs and he maintains a Healthy lifestyle. if the patient follows the advises then it is guaranteed that the disease will not occur anytime soon.